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19 November, 2005


There's no excuse for this blog except to tell you about the books I've read in recent months!

I have re-read the 'Harry Potter' books in order, this year, so that I was up to speed when the new one, 'HP & the Half Blood Prince', was published, & I have also read aloud the first book, 'HP & the Philosopher's Stone', to my little charges - 7-year-old Cameron and 6-year-old Matthew - who have devoured it with me and asked the most wonderful questions. We are half way through the 2nd book together, 'HP & the Chamber of Secrets', and their comprehension is amazing!! 'HP & HBP', by the way, was my favourite so far! (& I read it in two days, despite attending a bush dance fund-raiser, and Sunday morning worship!)JK Rowling is one remarkably talented author, and I am already anticipating the 7th, & final, book in the series!! (which she has yet to write!!)

I've read 2 books by Sally Beaumont this year. My sister gave me 'The Landscape of Love' for my birthday and I found that once I picked it up I couldn't put it down! (yes there were some mornings when I arrived at work looking like I had a hang-over!!). The latest book I read by SB was 'Rebecca's Tale' a sequel to 'Rebecca' by Daphne DuMaurier (another author I like), and it was wonderful - very believalbe but also impossible to put down!! (these books really should come with a warning!!) There was only one character which I was disappointed in - one which I felt was starting to grow at the end of the Daphne DuM book set 20 years earlier, but in whom I saw no personal growth now. Still highly recommended!

I have just started reading 'Birdsong' by Sebastian Faulks. Set in Belgium in the opening chapters, Stephen is a Lancashire man who is studying the practices of the mills in Amiens... it seems that later he will return to the area as a soldier of WW1. I will keep you posted on my thoughts on this one!

Go on... what are you reading my drivel for - go get a good book!!


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