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25 November, 2005

....days to Christmas

It's a sad fact that for the next month we are going to get thoroughly sick and tired of Christmas music (or musak) everywhere we go. Don't get me wrong I love the heightened sense of purpose in the shopping centres, the smell of pine needles drying in the Aussie summer air, the anticipation of children checking and re-checking their wish lists and asking "how many more sleeps now?"

What I do not like is songs about snow!!!!!!!!

Why do we have to listen to songs about 'dashing through the snow...' or 'Frosty the snowman...', I mean what do they have to do with Christmas... or even December in Australia for that matter?????

If the songs were about Winter in Jerusalem I would understand. If they spoke of days gone by and specific Christmas traditions from Europe or the UK I might be a little more tolerant, but when you really think about the words of songs like 'Jingle Bells', they have no bearing on the season at all - Christian or physical!

There is no reference to Christmas in 'Jingle Bells' people!! Sing it to yourself... go on... right now! See, there's snow, sleigh, one horse... but no Christmas!

And what about those 'fake snow sprays'... what are they about??????????!!!!!!!!!!

Someone got some tacky, dry shaving cream, re-labeled it and convinced people that Christmas is just not Christmas without sticky white stuff on the window!

Christmas cards with snow on them??? Father Christmas in the snow! Cottages in the snow! Christmas trees in the snow!! Hello!! McFly!! It doesn't snow in the middle of an Australian summer!!!! Dur Fred!

my new campaign is "Say NO to SNOW!" - it's easy! Ask your friends why they chose to put fake snow on their windows, ask the shop owner/centre manager why they are playing songs about snowmen, refuse to buy or give Christmas cards with snow on them to family and friends (unless it came in a pack of 50 and you really don't like the person anyway!)

Best of all! Insist on giving cards which reflect the true meaning of Christmas - "For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son"


Anonymous John said...

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4:07 PM

Blogger Kimando said...

Hi Wombat,
Merry Christmas. I hope you are not being pulled down by the comerciality of the season but are really focussing on the anticipation of Christ's coming.
Love you, see you soon.

10:20 PM


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