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01 July, 2006

where's the wombat?

Hi peoples! This crazy little wombat is very sorry not to have been on line often enough to 'blog' recently - it's been over 4 months since I last posted anything! (I am so ashamed!) But I have a new obsession and I think it's about time I shared it with you all!

It's called.... Firefly!

I cannot believe how long it took me to actually watch the series on DVD, but whilst house-sitting for my friend, Aveline, I finally got around to it and ... in less than a month I have memorised whole episodes line for line, joined a fansite, dropped off the fansite in a freak computer-thing-of-some-description, re-joined the website, watched every episode with and without commentary at least 3 times each, watched Serenity (the movie) too many times to remember (at least 8 times?) and seen it on the big screen at a charity event! I do not do things by half-measures!

As a result of this I have a few new words in my vocabulary so here they are in case I use them and you have no idea what I am talking about:

Shiney - good, terrific, great, positive, awesome!
'Verse - universe
BDH - big damn heroes
BDM - big damn movie
Gorram! - (Probably 'God damned' but lets ignore that and think of it as a good gutteral sound in appropriate situations)

In addition to this names such as Innara, Mal, Jayne and Wash, River, Simon or Kaylee might pop into my conversation - and if I start to look dreamy and say things like "mmmmm Jayne... yum!" I am not becoming a lesbian (just incase you're a single, secure, Christian male, more-or-less sane and planning to ask me to marry you) but mentally drooling over Adam Baldwin's character!

I will go into some more observations and thoughts in detail at some later stage - just thought you'd all like to know is-all! (Oh yeah, I might start talking a little like a cowboy too!)

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