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11 August, 2006

One amazing lady...

Hi all my wonderful friends - I finally managed to write a new entry and it is thanks to a wonderful lady who goes by the awesome name 'WhimsicalnBrainpan'.

I met 'Whimsy' on where lots of us Browncoats (I'll explain in another entry) get together and keep the fire burning! We have one thing in common - our (sometimes fanatical) love of Joss Whedon's sadly short-lived series 'Friefly' and share our stories and hopes, dreams and celebrations as well as having a laugh and using our imagination a lot! The friends I have made there are more real than I realise on-line friends could be and just one of them is the lovely Whimsy!

Her story is amazing - and life changing, and the first thing I thought was that I needed to get serious about some things in my life - taking control of aspects that I have seriously let slide in recent months. I also felt that sometimes we have great power at our fingertips with this tool - the internet, and, more specifically, the opportunity to share our insights, hopes, dreams, inspirations and experiences on our blogsites.

I urge you to look at Whimsy's blog if you have ever thought you had a bad run of luck, or if you ever thought things were too tough to handle. I feel so much more blessed when I think of what she has gone through and what I have to cope with compared to her experiences. What an amazing lady to share her horrific experiences so simply but with a sense of wry humour as well as gratitude that she is able to share her story at all.

Finally - today is my 39th birthday - and I cannot believe that I have to admit to being in my 'late 30s' - age is just so irrelevant when we look at our impact on the world - starting with our friends and family, our local community and our potential to impact the global community. If you want to know I only feel 30, but then again I know that if I am ever to become a mother in one way or another it's time to take care of the small things - and let the big one's follow.

Grace and peace to you all and thank you for your love, I know it's there and it sustains me more, at times, than you might imagine!

Love - Mem x x x

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