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27 September, 2008


Well, I just got home from spending a wonderful afternoon with cousins whom I haven't seen in at least 5 years...
Margaret is actually my Dad's first cousin, and she and her husband, Roy, visited Australia in 2003 so that was the last time I actually saw them, and apart from family correspondence, and a recent phone call, pretty much the last time we were in touch!

Their eldest son, Scott, was 17 last time I saw him, and was doing his A levels (VCE or HSC for the Aussie friends reading this!) and his sister Georgina was 15 and their 'little' brother Duncan was... err... younger still!

Today I met up with Margaret & Roy at the brand new home of Scott & his lovely wife, Philippa! They literally moved in this weekend! Roy was assisting Scott in wallpapering 2 1/2 year old Isabel's bedroom, while Margaret was looking after the children, Isobel and baby Daniel who is just 10 weeks old! I was in my element! I have missed babies and little children since coming to the UK! I absolutely adore the two children I nanny, who are 12 and 13 years old, but I miss the little people who are like sponges, soaking up each and every new experience and piece of information, and for whom every day is an adventure!
Isobel is bright and intelligent and has a gorgeous disposition! She really was enjoying having her Granny, as she calls Margaret, there as well as adoring her baby brother, and relishing her role as a big sister! Daniel is a settled and happy baby, and possibly having a growing spurt given the quantity of milk he consumed while I was there! We had a fun day of exploring the back garden, being shown around the house by Isobel, getting to know Philippa and catching up with Margaret and Roy.

On the sad side, Margaret's Mum, my Great-Auntie Dorothy, is very poorly and not expected to live much longer. They were cutting their visit short by a day in order to drive up to Stoke-on-Trent tomorrow and stay for the night then heading to Cheltenham where they live.

I have very fond memories of both my Auntie Dorothy and my Uncle Frank, who passed away a couple of years ago. I am sorry I haven't been to see my Aunt, but from what I hear she wouldn't have really understood who I was anyway...

All in all the day was lovely, though, and it was good to find that I connected with both Scott and Philippa well! They are such lovely people, and as you get older the age difference seems to matter less! I really hope they take me up on my offer to babysit sometimes, as I would love to help out and get to spend precious time with the next generation!

The weather has been gorgeous, by the way, and their garden has apple trees, and roses, rhubarb and beans and lots of other flowering plants as well! They are creating a wonderful environment to raise their family in!
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