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19 January, 2006

I'm too busy to be in a hurry!

I was thinking about how I was going to fit everything into one day recently when I heard someone say the above words, and it made me pause to think!

At first I thought (to put it in the words of Rove McManus) "What the...?!" but then I thought more about it! You know it really does make sense in a weird kind of way!

I have a lot of goals this year (Oh, and I added one more too...) and if I am going to achieve any of them (let alone all of them) I am going to have to put a lot of time and effort into each area I want to improve in! That shouldn't mean that I have to find more hours in each day (like Hermione Grainger in 'The Prisoner of Azkaban') but that I should be better organised and work out what the term 'time management' is all about!

(BTW: I was invited to a time management workshop last year but I kept looking at the invitation and thinking "I must get around to RSVPing to that..." and I never actually did!!! (Sad, but true!) )

If I utilise my time more efficiently and I'm actually organised in my general life and possessions I will be able to put better quality time into my work, goals and achievements without having to give up sleep altogether, notonly that, I should be able to do things to a higher standard than if I ran around like a chook with my head chopped off!

It's a funny thing but when I do get organised I also get excited about what I achieved and that sort of energises me to do other things! Have you ever noticed that?

And my other intention for 2006? It is 'to be a better friend by commitment!' I have already caught up with some people with whom I have been out of touch for a couple of years and I've seen two films this year!! ('Narnia' & 'Rumour Has It' - both good, but Narnia is better!)

So after all that pondering I felt that I had had an epiphany of sorts (and in the season of Epiphany too!!) ...but then I realised that I had lingered a little too long at church and there were people waiting for me at the nearby coffee shop for a catch up so I dashed off! . . .

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Blogger Kimando said...

Like you, I need to really commit to my promises and activities for this year. We need to find someone to be accountable to. :)
Good luck and I shall see you at coffee when you're not too busy!

10:57 AM

Anonymous kafechick said...

Be accountable to yourselves, and those around you who you love!

It's the biggest encouragement!


12:55 PM


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