Since I am now living on the other side of the world to my family and most of my friends this blog is about things I enjoy, things I notice, people I meet, people I miss, history, planning for the future, love and life in general! I guess it's about whatever pops into my head which I want to share with my friends and family... and who knows? I might make some more friends along the way!

26 January, 2006

...with a little help from my friend!

I am already learning new things this year - but it takes a good teacher to get me to understand anything even remotely technical, not to mention related to computers and the internet!! My gorgeous friend has taught me how to add links to my blog. . . so my first link is to her excellent, and highly recommended blog this broccoli must die!

I love the way she sums up her experiences and gives insight to her values. Without friends like these I would not grow in knowlege myself, nor have the outlet to explore my own wisdom!

Stay tuned for more blogs and websites that I recommend - but for now, it's 41 degrees centergrade!!!! I'm jumping into the pool! ... with my friends!!


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